Park Bank

Park Bank Routing Number and Wire Instructions

Park Bank’s Routing Number is: 091805609

How to find your routing number?
Look at one of your checks. The routing number is ALWAYS nine numbers and is ALWAYS the left-most group of numbers on a check. DO NOT take your routing number from a deposit slip, as that may be a bank-use-only routing number.

How to find your account number?
Look at one of your checks. The account number is USUALLY the middle group, but first check for a group of numbers that matches the number of that check. The other grouping will be your account number.

Wire Instructions
Park Bank’s wiring instructions have changed. Effective immediately, please forward the attached wire instructions to any party that may wire funds to you:

Quad City Bank and Trust Company ABA: 073902232
For Credit to: Park Bank ABA: 091805609
For Further Credit to: YOUR NAME and YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER

Please note that we are not affiliated with The Park Bank (Madison WI).

Please call the Holmen office at 608-526-2265 if you have any questions. .