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Park Bank

Bill Pay for Online and Mobile Banking

Park Bank offers two options for Bill Pay; both will make your lives easier and your time more efficient.

Bill Pay Plus

Bill Pay Plus is for individuals and small businesses who want to make bill paying more efficient than writing and mailing checks. PLUS, users of Bill Pay Plus can pay bills from the mobile app. Bill Pay Plus limits are $3500 for payments to companies and $2500 for payments to individuals.

Business Bill Pay

Business Bill Pay offers all the online features of Bill Pay Plus, plus EMPLOYEE DIRECT DEPOSIT and SUB USERS. Employee Direct Deposit allows you to pay employees by direct deposit with no additional per-transaction fee. Sub users allow you to give limited access to your bill pay account for bookkeepers and support staff, without allowing total access. Business Bill Pay limits are $80000 for payments to companies and $2500 for payments to individuals.

About Mobile Bill Pay

Mobile Bill Pay is one of the best features of the Park Bank Mobile App. Enrolled users can select their payees, choose which account they want to pay from, and schedule their bill payments. You can also complete transfers to accounts at other financial institutions. In addition, the optional RUSH feature speeds up the processing of your payment.

How do I start using Mobile Bill Pay? The first step is to enroll in Online Bill Pay from the full website Online Banking. The Mobile Bill Pay icon will then appear on your next mobile app login. You will need to agree to the terms and request access the first time. After that, your payees and account will show up at next login.

How long does it take for a bill to be paid via Mobile Bill Pay? Bill pay via the mobile app works at the same timing as the full online banking. If your payee accepts electronic payments, it takes 2 to 3 days. If the payee does not, then a paper check will be mailed and may take 5 to 7 days.

I have Business Bill Pay, can I use Mobile Bill Pay? No, sorry. Mobile Bill Pay is only for our Bill Pay Plus.

What amount can I pay via Mobile Bill Pay? As with the Online Bill Pay, mobile bill pay is limited to $2500 per bill payment OR per day.

Is there a charge for using Mobile Bill Pay? No, there is no monthly or per item charge for using our Mobile Bill Pay. It is part of our Bill Pay Plus.