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Park Bank

Term Life Insurance

Here at Park Bank we can offer the best term life insurance policy to provide security and peace of mind. Our licensed life insurance agents can provide valuable information and term life insurance quotes to you with no wait.

What is term life insurance and why would you need it?

Financial planning for our families usually includes paying off a mortgage, saving for college tuitions, maintaining a small business and putting away a nest egg for our retirements. Unfortunately, if the unexpected should happen, your loved ones’ financial security and future plans could be at risk.

A term life insurance policy provides for financial protection at low rates with your choice of length of term - 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Park Bank will guarantee that your premium amount will not change during the period you select.

Provide for tomorrow

Should your family have a loss of income due to a death during the period of your term life insurance policy, the benefits can be used to ease financial burdens, such as:

  • Protection for outstanding loans, including your mortgage
  • Funds to ease the transfer of a small business
  • Income replacement to continue family’s current quality of life
  • Funds for college tuition

Who needs term life insurance?

Not sure if you need term life insurance? Our life insurance agents can help with that decision, but here are a few things to consider if this is right for you.
Are you:

  • A small business owner
  • Starting a family
  • Living in a home with an outstanding mortgage
  • Concerned with maintaining your family’s financial plans if you are no longer able to provide